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We’re not! Go check out our library of innovation prepared by our engineers, to get a glimpse into the future of clean mobility, compatible with alternative low-carbon fuels.


Get to know our new Executive Vice President for the OEM Division @Brian Stage – ready to support our journey and serve our customers with Dinex’ well-known one-stop solutions, full-system capabilities and innovative exhaust and emission technologies.


There is a  whole world of science behind emission control products. Come along and let us show you how we deep dive into the chemistry of emission control catalysts and how this translates into better products.


Thinking outside the box, finding a way where others don’t, challenging “the usual way”, and solving challenges with an original approach. Call it what you want, but at Dinex this is simply a fundamental part of our culture, which is particularly well exemplified by the patents we produce.


Exhaust gas that are over 800°C is a challenge to handle, but that’s just one of the requirements for a modern Natural Gas Emission Aftertreatment System. Learn more about how Dinex is utilizing their full system capabilities to help Iveco building Euro VI-E compliant LNG trucks that brings huge environmental and climate benefits – and TCO advantages to the end customers.


Dinex footprint in the off road sector dates back to the days. From then to now, two interim stages, arrival of stage IV and the interim (IV f) have all seen Dinex products evolve with the times, growing, expanding and reaching new levels of complexity. A key element in that journey has been the close partnership developed and established with KOHLER.


Let us show you the emission simulation capabilities of Dinex. Take a ride with us into the world of catalyst chemistry and how emission simulation is shaping the way our products are developed.


Dinex and Russian Truck Manufacturer KAMAZ goes way back, and today Dinex is supplying complete Euro V solutions for their new range of 550 hp 6-cylinder engines.Would you also like to add some simplicity, agility and cost efficiency to your supply chain, without jeopardizing performance? Check out this case story for more info and contact details.


Meet the team in Dinex Finland: One of the key innovation centers in the Dinex Group for development and validation of new ground-breaking catalyst coating technologies, enabling cleaner and more cost efficient emission solutions for heavy duty Diesel and Natural gas applications.


How is Dinex getting prepared and what kind of solutions are we coming up with? Read the Q&A session with our group CTO Mr. Evangelos Georgiadis, to learn these details and also the segments we are currently focusing on for further market penetration.


Who we serve, how we support and what we bring to the table? Have a look on this video showing snapshot of our worldwide activities in the OEM business.


proves to be highly cost efficient for customers and puts Dinex China on a growth trajectory.

Already supplying full systems for National 5 and 6 emission standards for Heavy duty engine platform, Dinex wins new Medium duty engine full system business with Dongfeng commercial vehicles.​​​​​​​


A few months back we announced the establishment of a JV called Active Dinex Emission Solutions private limited, Pune, India in co-operation with Active Exhaust Corp, Canada.


CNG & LNG based powertrains are formidable options as low greenhouse impact solutions. Dinex has been supporting major OEMs world-wide with Three Way Catalytic solutions for HD CNG/LNG applications.


Dinex expand their activities to India. “In our journey towards being a global player within our industry, India is a very important market, with a significant volume, and expected growth looking ahead,” says the CEO of Dinex, Torben Dinesen.