Reman Diesel Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector is one of the most important parts of the fuel system, designed to inject the required, carefully dosed amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. There are various types of diesel fuel injectors, starting from purely mechanical, up to complex, electronically controlled units. A properly working fuel injector is key for overall engine and other system functionality. If not repaired in time, a damaged or defective fuel injector can cause not only higher fuel consumption and power loss, but the complete breakdown of the engine or its’ sub-systems.


In the near future Dinex will begin to offer high quality, tested, and validated industrially remanufactured fuel injectors for EPA10/17 trucks.

Dinex Reman Diesel Fuel Injector

Our Reman Diesel Fuel Injectors are:
• Directly replaceable with OE injectors
• Original part that has been industrially remanufactured
• High quality part with warranty
• Remanufactured by professionals
• Supplied with all the needed information and provisions for effortless replacement
• Very convenient core exchange system – no need to wait until service is completed
• A step in the right direction for ‘’Greener mindset’’ by reusing already existing resources (parts)