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Your partner in

exhaust & emission

Dinex provides system & spare part solutions

throughout the exhaust system lifespan!

Wide range of exhaust parts covering the most popular truck, bus, and LCv models. Program of more than 15 000 part numbers for All models – All years

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Global in-house manufacturing

At Dinex we are global in a very local way. Our manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities are strategically located all over the world, so that we can serve you with products and business support that matches your specific needs, quickly and efficiently. We produce all exhaust parts in-house, starting from simple pipes and clamps, finishing with complicated aftertreatment systems with Dinex own produced catalysts
and DPF’s inside.

2,000 dealerships

5 distribution hubs

1 Dinex Team

Find your nearest dealer and place an order today, or reach out to your local sales representative for questions and support for purchasing.

Dinex Emission Inc. footprint

Find your nearest dealer on our interactive map right here.

Contacts: 2,000 dealerships & 5 distribution hubs

Do you need Sales, Business or Technical support?

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Customer First Approach

Our extensive scope of supply also includes professional support for your
organization. We know the local markets and are happy to offer technical
as well as sales and marketing support, that will help improve your

We listen to our customers

  • We know the culture
  • We know the local markets and their demand
  • Dedicated aftermarket support is always close to you  

We speak your language

Dinex - We speak your language

From Dinex to End User

From Dinex to End User

Our ambition for our customer experience is…

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