When Quality Matters - go with Dinex

Dinex is the first aftermarket supplier to introduce a 3 year warranty to our customers - that is how good our products are!

Dinex has been developing and manufacturing Exhaust systems for almost 40 years. Dinex knows the day to day challenges and environment that Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles are exposed to in the everyday life and understands the need for keeping the vehicles on the road.

This challenge, together with customer feedback has taught us to focus on engineering and craftsmanship in details. In connection with the performance of parts from Dinex as well as being industry lead with best in class products, we have decided to increase our warranty period to 3 years on the majority of our core product range of technically complicated exhaust parts.

“Dinex has worked for decades with continuous improvements from product development to our end customers. Supported by R&D, we have increased our focus on individual improvements of both products and processes. Therefore, with the ongoing customer focus and quality, Dinex Aftermarket Division is proud to offer our customers an increased warranty,“ says Thomas Timmermann, Executive Vice President, Aftermarket

Dinex Aftermarket will continue to expand its customer service with the extended warranty and will continue to focus on delivering high quality products from its aftermarket factories around the globe.

Dinex aims at being the preferred exhaust technology partner in the global aftermarket by being easy to do business with.

What is in it for our customers? “As the only exhaust manufacturer in the aftermarket we have decided to give this extended service to our customers, so they can focus selling exhaust spareparts with the comfort of knowing that the products are made with the quality and functionality that Dinex is known for” says Per H. Larsen, Chief Sales Officer, Aftermarket.

The new 3 year warranty is already valid from 1st October 2020.

From left, Thomas Timmermann, Executive Vice President and Per H. Larsen, Chief Sales Officer.