Supply Chain

High availability

Agile distribution methods and fast deliveries

Tailormade customer solutions

Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain set up for spare parts is requied to keep vehicles on the road.

The Dinex AEM supply chain setup is designed to support and help our customers in reaching their goals. Our AEM supply chain concepts consists of the following:

Fast delivery

  • 97% availability of fast movers and 95% of total product range. In combination with our global distribution footprint  this supports day-to-day deliveries ensuring that the right product is in the right place at the right time.

High quality

  • Standardised processes ensure a high quality performance within the supply chain and enables effective customised individual solutions leading to fast and cost-efficient order fulfillment.


  • Flexibility is one of the important characteristics of the Dinex supply chain. By this we refer to the ability of the supply chain to adapt to the changes within the market. We adapt instantly to new or changed customer requirements and are capable of designing and implementing tailormade customer solutions.

​​​​​​​Dedicated Team

  • Our dedicated supply chain team is fully committed to the total satisfaction of our customers. Constantly striving for excellence in the supply chain, our experts have a continuous focus on providing optimised solutions by taking fully risk-assessed decisions, ensuring that the agreed service levels are maintained and making sure performance is tracked.