Without a doubt, our OneBoxes stand out as potentially the finest in the market. However, we urge you to see for yourself and listen to what one of our satisfied customers at DPF Guys has to share! 🗣

✅ Experience optimized DEF crystallization prevention and enhanced durability, alongside patented exhaust flow and strategically placed sensors.

✅ Backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty, our OneBoxes are meticulously developed, produced, and validated, akin to any OE product — all at the cost of an Aftermarket part.

✅ Tailored for EPA10, EPA14, and EPA17 Freightliner and Western Star trucks, Dinex OneBoxes are readily available through our extensive network of dealerships across North America.

Ready to give your truck the upgrade it deserves and simplify your life? 🚚

Dinex territory sales map of United States
Ted Root - Southeastern Sales Manager
Noah Osborn - Midwestern Sales Manager
Charles Dement - Western Region Sales Manager
Mark McElmurry - Mid Southern Region Sales Manager
John Sautter - Northern Mid Region Sales Manager
Aivis Grotuzis - Commercial Director
Sebastian Houde - National Account Manager