At Dinex Emission, we’re committed to meeting your needs with speed and precision, and this expansion is a testament to that dedication. We also know how important availability, reliability and flexibility are to the automotive aftermarket. That’s why Dinex is now present with a total of 6 warehouses spread across North America: To be close to your business and give you the upper hand in the market.

  • Proximity to Key Markets: Our new ship point in the Midwest brings Dinex products closer to the locations where the majority of Class 8 operators are located, ensuring faster access to essential parts when you need them most.

  • Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency: With our expanded network, we’re able to optimize our supply chain, reducing transit times and streamlining operations to better serve our valued customers.


  • Increased Product Availability: By strategically placing our ship point in the Midwest, we’re able to maintain higher stock levels of Dinex products, minimizing the risk of backorders and ensuring consistent availability for your business.

Reach out to your local sales representative to learn more about how Dinex’s distribution network can help simplify your logistics and follow the dynamics of the Aftermarket.

Dinex territory sales map of United States
Ted Root - Southeastern Sales Manager
Noah Osborn - Midwestern Sales Manager
Charles Dement - Western Region Sales Manager
Mark McElmurry - Mid Southern Region Sales Manager
John Sautter - Northern Mid Region Sales Manager
Aivis Grotuzis - Commercial Director
Sebastian Houde - National Account Manager