Dinex now offers dual options for Detroit Diesel EPA 17 DPFs

We're now offering dual options for

Detroit Diesel EPA17 DPFs!

Explore Dinex’s latest offerings for Detroit Diesel EPA17 DPFs – now featuring two alternatives, the trusted 35021 and the budget-friendly 35039 with a cordierite core. Tailor your choice for optimal performance - putting you in control of your drive!

Detriot Diesel EPA17 DPFs by Dinex:

Diverse Performance

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? Dinex offers an extensive range of DPF options with diverse performance attributes. Find the perfect match for your drive among our Detroit Diesel EPA17 lineup.

Affordable Excellence
Enjoy competitive pricing and variety with Dinex! Our Detroit Diesel EPA17 DPFs combine affordability with top-notch quality, ensuring you get the best value - clamps and gaskets included. Drive confidently, knowing Dinex has your performance and budget needs covered.

Tailored Solutions
Your drive, your selection! Whether you opt for our time-tested options or the latest innovations, Dinex provides tailored solutions for EPA17 standards. Experience precision engineering and reliable compliance – because when it comes to DPFs, Dinex sets the standard.

Table comparison of DPFs 35021 and 35039