Dinex present Dr. NOX - Episode 1, NOX sensors

Dinex 2nd generation NOX sensors is on stock: But why is that important to you?

Meet Dr. NOX: He is more than happy to share his knowledge with YOU. That’s the reason he is now introducing a new video series where he will teach all you need to know about NOX-sensors and other mechatronics components.

Psssst: It’s actually just our very own Customer Care and Mechatronics Product Business Manager, Karlis Banis, who put on smock to look smarter.

In this and the upcoming episodes you can learn more about potential problems in a modern exhaust system, and benefits by using Dinex exhaust spare parts.

So, why don’t you get comfortable and watch the first episode that include knowledge sharing and insights about our 2nd generation of NOX sensors?

Keep an eye on our Mechatronic page to stay updated on the latest episodes with Dr. NOX right HERE.

See you next time!