Fuel-saving vs. Climate-saving, Why choose?

What is Reconditioning?

Definition: To restore a used product back to a near-new state of functionality.

Application: Diesel Particulate Filters.

Dinex has introduced Reconditioning as a central concept, defined as the restoration of a used product, particularly exemplified in Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). DPFs play a crucial role in trapping over 99% of particulate matter in exhaust gases, preventing environmental pollution. However, over time, accumulated ash in the filter necessitates attention.

Cleaning vs. Reconditioning

What’s the difference?

When facing filter maintenance, users typically choose between installing a new filter (costly), cleaning the existing one (only partially effective), or opting for a reconditioned filter. Dinex distinguishes between cleaning and reconditioning, emphasizing that reconditioning goes beyond mere cleaning. It involves a chemical dissolvent process that removes hardened ash, fully restoring the catalytic coating and bringing the filter close to a new state.

Dinex - NEW vs. RECON DPF

Why use Dinex Recon-RX service?

Dinex’s Recon-RX service stands out for its comprehensive offering. With a distribution network in Europe and North America, Dinex provides an array of reconditioned filters at attractive prices, backed by a two-year warranty. The service includes all necessary clamps and gaskets for a quick and seamless filter replacement.

Furthermore, Dinex facilitates a responsible return process for used filters, offering a cash-back deposit after quality inspection. Returned filters undergo a three-step reconditioning process, ensuring compliance with emission regulations and environmental sustainability. Notably, reusing filters through reconditioning contributes to a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to manufacturing new ones, with up to a 97% reduction.

In conclusion, Dinex’s Recon-RX service embodies the principles of Circular Economy, offering type approved, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Dinex New and Recon type approved DPF range

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