Europe’s most extensive range of Type Approved Filters and Catalysts for Euro IV, V and VI Trucks and Busses, is now available in One Catalogue.

Dinex Remanufacturing & Reconditioning Brochure

Check it out online now, and find exactly the substrates you need for your Filter Replacement or Catalyst Remanufacturing needs.

To make it even easier, all parts are linked to our webshop so our existing customers can directly add what they need to their basket. 🛒

This catalogue is a part of Dinex’ product programs that support the movement towards more circular economy in the Heavy Duty Aftermarket, and at same time saves time and costs for our customers.

With reconditioned filters you will save down-time, fuel costs, and extend the life-time of particulate filters.With remanufacturing, you save costs and avoid scrapping entire Emission control units, when only partial components are failing.

Learn more about how Dinex can help your business, by checking out our website and reaching out to our local sales teams.