To grow leadership capabilities in a fast moving, multi-cultural global corporation requires a lot of efforts and attention from both trainers and participants. Especially since the heart and soul more than ever has been concentrated on work-life-balance in an extremely challenging period of time. Nevertheless, we do know – based on great feedbacks – that our colleagues and participants have embraced all training initiatives as a most important learning that will be brought into day-to-day leadership in the benefit of people, business and thereby the future of Dinex to become an even more ambitious and respected workplace.

We have performed trainings in Dinex Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Finland, China, Turkey, USA, as well as leaders within our EU sales companies, Germany, UK, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Poland and France.

All trainings have been performed virtually except from Dinex China were we succeeded to be present.

In general, our strategy has been to customize our training themes to fit in with local expectations and needs. However, we have retained a core of activities and have e.g., conducted training in;

• Personality
• Feedback
• Change Management
• Situational Leadership
• Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
• Generation Z
• Matrix Organization
• Agility & Diversity
• Cultural training
• Coaching

In addition to recognized needs due to local conditions, the training topics has been chosen based on the gaps identified during the Annual Management Appraisal process where all Managers are assessed on their management competences.

The trainings have been a combination of presentations of theories, practical examples, case work and group work.

Nothing is for free

An important Handshake has been made with all participants,
that “Something has been started… and will never end”. To be a skilled leader requires constant training, attention, and the ability to do self-reflection throughout the whole life as a leader.

And that we will support for leaders in Dinex, who are all born members of Dinex Leadership Academy.

Finally, all participants will be met with a test procedure, to ensure the quality of the trainings, see if the material is understood and remembered, and to benchmark the trainings across countries.

Trainers & participants

A big thank you to all approx. 90 participants and to all the trainers who have contributed to the success of Dinex Leadership Academy.