In Dinex, we know that delivering technolgy solutions that makes the world a better and cleaner place to live for our generation and many more to come, not only requires strong leaders, it also requires experts within all areas of the company. Therefore, this year’s talent program is focused on specialists. ”We already do a lot for our leaders. We have annual management appraisals and the Dinex Leadership Academy is training managers in various leadership disciplines all year round. But it is equally important to develop our specialists. Therefore we have decided to focus on specialist this year”, Lars O. B. Petersen, Vice President of Group HR, says.

”Do what you say”

Whether to focus on specialist or leaders is determined based on the strategic direction. Dinex is working with strategy in a very advanced and systemic way and the priorities in all functional areas are based on the strategic direction. One of the values in Dinex is ”do what you say” and this is something that is lived in the way we work with strategy and target setting. It is the strategy that drives our priorities, also in HR. We look at the strategy and plan the year ahead accordingly. What we do in HR should support the company objectives, and therefore the talent program and all other HR activities are aligned our overall objectives.

Selection process

It is a tough selection process and only a small group of the nominees are chosen for the actual program. The selection process is intiated in October every year, where all local management teams can nominate local talents. Dinex has designed a special nomination scheme so all candidates are assessed based on the same criteria. The nominees do a behavioral test, English skills test, and their ability to cope with challenging situations and solve complex tasks is tested in numerical test.

Group HR will evaluate all the nominees together with the group management members. ”We access the nominees based on test results from various tests, statement from local managers, and all the background information that we have”, Lars says.

Dinex started the year with 23 nominated candidates but only 7 made it to the actual program. Once selected as a talent, the candidate must commit to being part of the program before enrolling on it.

Even though not all candidates make it through the selection process, all nominated talent get something out of it. ”We do behavioral assessments and give them individual feedback. This is something that is new to most of them, and they learn a lot about themselves and where they should focus their efforts to improve their performance”, HR Business Partner, Lina Franckevicuite-Gonzales says.

7 Candidates out of 23 Nominees

The 7 nominees represent different functions including R&D, SCM and operations. The common denominator between them is their ability to perform beyond expectations, leading their local managers to believe they can  grow into key experts within their fields. ”The way we look at talents in Dinex, is that we select the people whom we believe have an extra gear. When they become part of this program, they will get challenging tasks, they will do presentations in front of our group management team, which will enable us to see whether they actually have this extra gear or not”, Kathrine K. Thorgaard, Global HR Manager, Aftermarket & HQ, says.

The talent program is running for one full year. All the 7 nominees have a mentor and a development plan where they are working on projects or tasked defined by the responsible group management members. ”One of the key success criteria in every talent program is to have commitment from the top management, and this we have in Dinex. Top managers are involved from nominations, to selection process, to final nomination of the Global Talents. The priority and attention is putting emphasis on the importance and prestige of being part of the program”, Kathrine says.

During the year, the talents will be invited for summits where they present their achievements. The CEO, Executive Management members and Group HR participates in the presentation and evaluate the talents on several performance indicators. They are assessed on everything from their presentation skills, communication and language to the results they have achieved.

Group HR is following the talents closely during the year and have regular follow ups with the talents and their mentors.

Being 1 out of the 7

We have asked some of the 7 candidates who are part of this years program, how it has been so far and what they have achieved.

The Finale Nomination of Global Talents