Digital solutions

Dinex easy to do business with.

At Dinex we offer two e-commerce solutions - our own developed e-commerce platform and the more known standard platform from TecCom.


TecCom is a leading B2B (business-to-business) platform for the international automotive aftermarket. TecCom offers products and services that simplify and automate business processes between parts manufacturers and wholesale traders. This service enables users to communicate with TecCom's asynchronous processes, such as the despatch advice process, the stock order process, and the documentation process.

In collaboration with key customers worldwide, Dinex introduced this very well-known tool by the end of 2017

as a new and convenient way of working for both sides and improving the direct cooperation between customers’ product/purchase managers and Dinex’ customer service. ​​​​​​​

TecCom and TecDoc

Benefits for Dinex customers by using TecCom

Time saving

Quick check of availability at our warehouse

Placing of online / electronic orders

Partner network - Linked to more than 250 Manufacturers

Dinex Webshop

Dinex Webshop offers the same solutions as found in the TecCom platform, but it differs with high resolution pictures, detailed descriptions, and an even better purchasing experience. The Webshop have been developed with experience and knowledge based from the automotive market and the aim have always been to make it as easy for our customers to use.

Dinex Webshop

Benefits for Dinex customers by using Dinex Webshop

Developed for the automotive wholesaler business

Detailed description and pictures

Constantly updated and improved based on feedback and preferences from customers

No. 1 search engine in truck automotive when speaking of OE – and reference numbers.

Import function for large batch ordering (CSV, excel etc.)

Relevant info shown at login - Gross prices, net prices, stock status

It is free of charge for our customers to download and use the TecCom/Dinex Webshop solutions. All associated costs in relation to ordering Dinex products are covered by Dinex.