DEF Doser, Volvo/Mack, Non Air-Assisted

DinTronic, DEF Pumps

Our DEF Pumps Are:

• Directly replaceable with OE pumps

• Tested at Dinex test center

• Stock item for fast delivery

• A cost effective balance between emission control and Urea consumption

Dinex no.8CL006
OE no.21332695, 21332701, 21335900, 21576181, 21577507, 21577511, 23753845, 23753850, 24326556, 85002754, 85003864, 85003865
Tariff number87089235
Net weight [kg]0.00
Height [mm]0.00
Width [mm]0.00
Length [mm]0.00
Weight [LBS]8.81
Height [inch]5.29
Width [inch]8.26
Length [in]8.66