Interview with Christina Jørgensen from Dinex - Temot Magazine

Exclusive Interview with Christina Jørgensen in Temot Magazine

As a female top-leader in a male-dominated industry, Dinex CSO Christina Jørgensen speaks up on prejudices, generalizations, and the needs to promote diversity in the Aftermarket.

In an exclusive interview in the recent edition of Temot TeMotion Magazine, Christina shares her insights on the challenges and the future of the Aftermarket. Starting with compliance solutions for environmental zones to the dynamic landscape of heavy-duty business, she unveils the industry's pulse and the crucial need for correct data and cybersecurity in the digital age, before passionately delving into the distinctive aspects of working in the Aftermarket: In particularly, the challenges many women faces, but also the positive influence they often bring to leadership roles.

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Interview with Christina Jørgensen from Dinex - Temot Magazine

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