About Digitalization, Green Agenda, and Attracting the Right Talents

Digitalization trends brings exciting opportunities for both employees and employers. But how do we fit these new opportunities into our way of organizing, and harvest the full benefits for both climate, recruitment and retention? This was the topic of an interesting discussion joined by our Corporate HR Officer Lars Petersen and other local business leaders, and the Podcast is out now and available at Sydjysk Verdensklasse: De rette ansatte løfter digitalt og grønt ( (content in Danish).

Dinex has years of experience in attracting talented employees from all over the world, and supporting them in starting a new life and career in a foreign country. Digitalization opens even further opportunities for utilizing, connecting, and boosting collaboration between global talents. It gives a more exciting work environment for our employees, with more career development possibilities, and helps to create better solutions for our customers. Want to join, or hear more? Check out open positions in the Dinex Group at Open Vacancies.