Covid-19 situation up-date

Dear valued customer. In regard to the Covid-19 situation, we reach out to you and hope for your understanding that Dinex like most other responsible companies have implemented increased focus on the safety of our employees and customers, by following local rules by local governments keeping the employees not direct in production and at home as much as possible. The positive is that we have just launched our new WebShop here in January, and we advise all our customers to use this new opportunity when placing orders.


Dinex have taken additional steps to keep our production running, stocking up products for us to deliver the orders we receive. We strive to deliver as fast as possible, and we will inform you if any issues or backorders should occur. So far, we have had availability of +95%, and have done preparations maintaining that level. We are of course following availability in the entire supply chain and we are expecting some challenges with products and supply of raw material. We are working on alternative suppliers and expect to keep the momentum.

Orders & Business Support

The situation is affecting our business support and we are available by phone and mail, luckily Dinex have recently introduced our new WebShop, where you can order online and get the same info as usual. We therefore ask you to use the WebShop as much as possible.

WebShop hotline

If you need help to access the platform  or just need support please contact your local contacts, or the group support.

Link to new homepage and WebShop login:

Stefan Dolleris

Malgorzata Orzel

Business Support

Other contacts

If you have other issues, please contact our local contact person from Dinex, and you are also welcome to contact one of the regional managers:​​​​​​​

Troels B. Kristiansen

Western Europe

Ivan Gulakov

Eastern Europe

Sebastian Houde

North America

Christina Jørgensen

Rest of World

Dinex will follow the rules of all local authorities, and secure safety and maximum service for our business partners.  

Sincerely yours,  

Per H. Larsen, Chief Sales Officer (CSO)